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The project began with Hanson Design collaborating with two financial services industry associations. These organizations faced a challenge: the need for effective educational programs for bond investors.

Initial research indicated a lack of understanding among these investors, particularly regarding the pricing of bond purchases. This gap in knowledge represented a significant hurdle in financial literacy and informed decision-making in the bond market.

Market Gaps, Investor Education



The primary goal was to bridge the educational divide, providing bond investors with the knowledge and tools they needed for more informed investment decisions.

Hanson Design aimed to go beyond mere information dissemination; they sought to empower investors through a deeper, clearer understanding of bond purchasing. This required not just identifying the gaps in investors' knowledge but also prioritizing and developing content that addressed these needs directly and effectively.

Empowering Decisions, Informed Investors



To achieve this, Hanson Design employed a combination of qualitative and quantitative market research methods. This comprehensive approach allowed the team to accurately gauge the baseline understanding of bond investors.

With these insights, Hanson Design and the client collaboratively developed a targeted strategy for content and tool development. This strategy was meticulously implemented in creating a new website dedicated to bond education, designed to be an accessible and authoritative resource for investors.

Deep Research, Targeted Solutions



The launch of this pioneering bond educational website marked a significant milestone in investor education. It quickly established itself as a leading source of information, significantly impacting how bond investors approach the market.

The website has been instrumental in enhancing financial literacy among investors, enabling them to make more informed and confident decisions in their bond investments.

Educational Breakthrough, Enhanced Literacy

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