In the highly competitive retirement plans market, a leading provider faced a significant challenge: minimal differentiation from its competitors.

This lack of distinctiveness impeded their ability to win bids effectively and expand their market share. The company recognized the need for a strategic overhaul to enhance its position and win rate.

Competing in a Crowded Market



The primary objective was clear – to distinguish the provider in the crowded market and boost their win rate. This goal necessitated a two-fold approach: refining the bid process to increase efficiency and redefining their communication strategy to be more client-focused.

Hanson Design was tasked with facilitating these critical transformations, aiming to improve the immediate win rate and foster long-term growth in assets under management.

Aiming for Clear Market Distinction



Hanson Design conducted a thorough review of the organization's bid process, pinpointing inefficiencies and formulating recommendations to streamline it. Concurrently, they executed a major shift in communication strategy, moving from a passive, organization-focused voice to an active, client-centric tone.

Beyond this strategic shift, Hanson Design established new standards for voice and tone, and effectively trained the internal teams to adeptly embrace and apply this fresh approach.

Revamping Process and Communication



The transformation had a profound impact. The provider not only witnessed a significant increase in their win rate compared to previous years, but their assets under management also experienced exponential growth.

The strategic changes in process efficiency and communication approach not only differentiated the provider in the market but also positioned them for sustained success and growth.

Profound Impact, Consistent Growth

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