Corporate Messaging Strategy



This multinational investment firm, operating in a complex and dynamic financial market, faced a significant challenge. With four distinct divisions, each crafting its own message, the company’s overall corporate identity was becoming diluted and inconsistent.

This fragmentation not only affected external brand perception but also internal coherence and efficiency.

Diverse Divisions, Looking to Align



The primary goal was to weave these diverse threads into a unified corporate narrative. Hanson Design aimed to not just streamline communication but to forge a powerful, cohesive identity that resonated with both the market and the employees.

This required a deep understanding of each division’s unique value and a strategic vision to harmonize these without losing their individual strengths.

Distinct Voices, a Unified Mission



Hanson Design embarked on a multifaceted approach. This began with a thorough analysis of each division's messaging and market positioning.

Through collaborative workshops and targeted market research, a unified unique selling proposition was crafted. This USP was then rigorously tested with key stakeholders and target audiences to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with the firm’s overarching goals.

Deep Disovery, Clear Positioning



The outcome was a resounding success. The new, unified messaging not only elevated the firm’s market position but also brought a newfound sense of unity within the organization.

Employees across divisions now shared a common language and purpose, which reflected in improved internal collaboration and a stronger, more consistent market presence.

Stability & Coherance, an Amplifed Voice

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