Hanson Increases Graphisoft Webcast Audience Over 30X with Social Media

Cornerstone to attracting new viewers was a robust E-mail marking campaign that used best-in-class campaign management, list segmentation, deliverability monitoring and customer support. The ability to integrate and e-mail strategy with acquisition, reengagement and social marketing significantly increased participation.

A continual brand experience from online banner ads and e-vites to the Registration Page and Lobby Page was designed to intrigue and stimulate audiences to participate.

Banner Ads were dispersed on blogs and online publications such as Achdaily.com and AECbytes.

Graphisoft, the originator of virtual building solutions and a leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM), asked Hanson Design to promote their free one-hour webcast, “Real Time Sharing is POWER. And EFFICIENCY. And PRODUCTIVITY: THE OPEN COLLABORATION WEBAST.” Hanson created an online ad campaign that focused on getting architects, engineers, and contractors to sign up for the web cast. Along with PPC, banner ads and targeted e-mail, Hanson used social media tactics to increase reach to over 300,000.

The webinar demonstrated that Open Design Collaboration with ArchiCAD enables the AEC industry to work like they want to right now. It is Interoperability redefined, so that design and engineering teams can collaborate in real-time from virtually anywhere in the world regardless of their discipline or the brand and version of their software.

“This webcast presents the new reality for the industry—real-time sharing is available now that makes the collaboration process easier and real productivity improvements possible.
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